The Thaw

                                                                The Thaw

The ice at Mac arena is hosting the last shinny pick-up of the year which really only means one thing: it's finally April, winter is over, and the countdown to the first game of the SABRFC 2015 season has finally begun. The only snow that remains are the small piles reminiscent of ice shavings behind a hockey rink, it’s finally well into the double digits above freezing  and the sweet spring air has SAB players itching to return to their summer home on the pitch at École Saint-Georges.  While politely and patiently waiting for the fields to thaw, the rallying of troops have slowly begun to train indoors at ESG where one-by-one the men and women of SABRFC emerge from their winter hibernation to get in some pre-season training. To the untrained eye however it just looks like Matty Degraff yelling at everyone for the millionth time to shut up so Chelsea Privee can explain the gym games and fitness activities for the night. 

Every Wednesday night Chelsea introduces a new wall-climbing-cross-fit-fancy-wod-kip-pullup-kale exercise, and every Wednesday it becomes increasingly apparent who in the crowd has actually made use of their gym passes over the winter.  Those not belonging to that group, who spent the winter pursuing other hobbies such as drinking, après skiing and living at the Lion, spend most of practice gasping for air wishing they had done a little more to stay fit.


While Oliver still refuses to pass and PK still thinks it’s full contact, the indoor training sessions do
offer the Saint Anne's crowd a unique chance to re-group, catch up on the quoi-de-neuf and reconfirm once again that running around with a bunch of bozo's is one of the most fun things to do.  While there is always a bulk of Club Members who remain huddled together through the off-season in true Emperor penguin fashion (the real Knights and Stewards of our catch-phrase "One Club"), April marks the time of the year where those of us who have remained firmly isolated all winter can peal ourselves away from our obviously much-less-cool work or school "friends," to reconnect with the eclectic band of loveable losers that make up our club.

 So folks, here we go again.  The shed's opening up, the barbeque is warming up and this 2015 season is getting pumped up. There remain some unanswered questions about what's to come for us.  Like, will Mickey Marini come on the Brampton tour now that he’s single?  How many couches will be burned at Pig Roast this year?  Or more importantly, will the strawberry daiquiri tent make a

glorious return?  Did Kayley Walsh really get new cleats? Only time will tell...  But for now, while we wait anxiously at the edge of our seats for the answers to these life-altering questions,  it's time to get out the ol' credit card and register  for what will very likely be the best season of summer rugby this world has ever seen.  Yeah, sure -- we may not be the biggest or the strongest, but with the solid set of Juniors joining the squad, the Illuminati maintaining a strong presence in our club, and the unbelievable amount of heart displayed by members across all 5 teams last year, the SABRFC  2015 season is promising to be one of the greatest yet.

-The Spirit of the Reserves