Le Scrum

Before I get going with this post I’d like to preface it with this:

At SABRFC we tend to think every somewhat major event is a historic milestone for our club. The SWEEP of 2013 was considered by many as the “most historic” win in recent memory. Last year’s pig roast was “the most epic” of all pig roasts. Every tour we go on is always somehow more “legendary” than the last. According to Stone, every poker night is the most successful the club has ever seen.  Even Mickey, Shaq and James getting an apartment was considered by some to be a “historic moment” for our club.

With that said, this weekend was actually one for the annals of SAB history.

With the help of all our volunteers and our diligent executive, every new rugby season brings with it new and exciting improvements within the club. One year it was the creation of the SAB snapback and tank top, other years it’s the introduction of new traditions like the loser of the year trophy. Who doesn’t love that we now have a full timer Chef Stef, attentively manning the barbecue at the field and ATM’s? However, without downplaying these achievements, only once in a while do huge enhancements like this weekend’s grand opening come around.

Le Scrum rugby shop, Canada’s first club run rugby store was the idea of Moe Jeff Taylor. An idea most likely concocted over scotches at poker night. It has finally come to fruition with this Saturday’s ribbon cutting ceremony conducted by former Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue mayor and SABRFC alumni Bill Tierney. Described by Bryce as “not bad”,  Le Scrum store retains a lot of the eclectic feel found in the last place we sold SAB merchandise, 23 St-Pierre. With Larry’s beautiful woodworking showcased on the walls any real club player will feel right at home. In true rugby fashion the store features a bin full of free used shorts and balls for any high school player or coach looking to start to play the game.

We asked Marty Silverstone, one of the key people responsible for this venture, how he decided to go forward with it. Obviously there was a longwinded story behind it all.

“Around this time in the late 80’s I came across an ad in the paper for a school bus that was for sale for $1601. Knowing that we already spent a few thousand dollars a year on busses to games, I decided it was a no brainer. We could have our own bus! Now convinced that this would be the next biggest thing for SABRFC I pitched the idea to then club President Graham “OJ” Jamieson. The idea was immediately met with harsh criticism about cost and maintenance and the dream was eventually crushed quicker than a Pabst at a pig roast. All this to say, when Moe first came to me with the idea to start a club run rugby shop I immediately came up with several reasons as to why we shouldn’t do it, then I realized… wait now I’m the guy saying no to the bus! So I decided to help Moe and make this dream a reality.”

Although details like the hours of operation (Wednesday to Sunday 10-6 mostly) and whether beer will be allowed behind the cash are up for debate one thing is for sure, Le Scrum is ready for business. This comes just in time as the weather has finally hit the 20’s and many SAB players were already on the pitch this weekend for Atlantic Rock and Quebec women’s trials. If you’re looking for some affordable rugby gear this week before the season starts, swing by 2A Lalonde in Ste-Annes and check out Le Scrum, the next big thing in SAB history.


-Peter Parker