Silverstone Blog Part 1: What's the score?

Silverstone Blog  Part 1: What's the score?

I remember, like it was yesterday. Sadly it wasn't, more like 40 years ago, playing on fields not unlike the Field of Dreams, rolling, soft with giant mud puddles that seemed to attract the ball like a magnet. The games were intense, sometimes vicious, but always fun, and the best ones were when you walked off the field at the end, sore and maybe bleeding, and honestly didn't know who had won.


Well we saw a game like that last Saturday at esg, a hot muggy day with the Prems winning 41-40 but just about everyone except Cap't Decaff and Coach Lavery thinking the blues had won. Earlier, with about 5 minutes remaining I had asked about 10 people on the sideline what the score was and got 10 different answers.

What a great game, back and forth, side to side. Our forwards producing just enough ball for our exciting back line to produce try after try. The blues coming back every time to go ahead on a kick by Kurt's son (using a Le Scrum Tee!) 

You'd think, with the toilets finally identified as girls and boys after 30 years (I knew right away it was Tess) and the prems and reserves playing bright red back up kits that suddenly, old Ste-Annes had turned the corner and become the super-organized club everyone thinks we are. But no, it was the old chaos theory running supreme once again. No one kept score, there were no scoreboards at ESG or the Field of Dreams where the thirds had played a nailbiter earlier, nor when the women reserves lost by one point to TMR (thirds lost 15-12 to Sherbrooke).

The women prems had looked superb, downing a Barbs side. I'd love to tell you about the number of scrums and lineouts lost, even who scored the tries, but none of those things are important for the One Club. As I walked up and down the sideline at both ESG and the FoD, no one knew the score and no seemed to care. Three things seemed to be of great concern and import to the majority of club members. 1. Were you going to the Ormstown fair; 2. When was Laurie going to start taking everyone's picture for the website bios? and 3., of utmost most concern: what were you going to wear to the leather themed pub crawl next weekend?


See you at our ecole de rugby Monday night at esg or the field of dreams on Tuesday.