Silverstone Blog Part 2: Back to the Future


Back to the Future

The Sainte Anne's women reserves play St Lambert in St, Julie.

Don't get to see the women's reserves team much, which is a shame because it's been a real struggle for many years to have a full second women's side in Ste-Anne's. And on any club, men or women, the reserves represent the future, and who wouldn't want to get a peek at that?


So I got Smokey to replace me at Le Scrum Shoppe and headed out to Saint Julie with--talking about the future--Savannah Leroux. She was with a nice young man, Brad, but we'll leave that for Sweep II (Sweep available at Le Scrum).


The seconds versus St Lambert was a lively affair. Played under a blue sky for the most part and a persistent, but cooling breeze, the girls seemed to enjoy a super game, with lots of free-flowing ball and hard tackling. Surely what we would call, in the "spirit of the game," and well reffed by Guillaume who at one point blocked a St Lambert kick with his head and yellow carded Katy for a high tackle.


Lee at flyhalf, what a clever runner, and Persea, looked like she was propping but the amount of time she had the ball she could be a scrumhalf. Armstrong, was playing too, here is the penultimate team player, always heading straight up the field, to reset and produce a clean ball. It was a great relaxing day, sitting with a few fans, Barrington, Adam, Mary Jane.


Yerbury came in and helped speed the distribution of ball, at one point she made a quick pass off a turnover to Paige, and the ball moved very quickly through the hands to Jessie Alaei who score the first of two tries. Dana showed her speed, coring four times, maybe five. Who else, who else. Karina, Kelsey, Ariah, all were playing some selfless exciting rugby.



Sure they are the future but hey are also the present and a present, and we're lucky to be receiving what they have to give and sharing the here and now with them.


See you Thursday or next Tuesday or at poker night.